Founded in 1982 with 75 members, the Denver Gay Men's Chorus was the first openly gay arts organization in Denver and the first to use the word "gay" in its name. A long-standing, openly gay organization, the Denver Gay Men's Chorus was created to serve as a brotherhood for local homosexual men. The Denver Gay Men's Chorus is a talented choral ensemble that is dedicated to musical excellence. The group speaks through song about issues meaningful to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender experience. Touching ears and hearts alike, the Denver Gay Men's Chorus and its messages of acceptance and pride continue to be in large demand with diverse audiences.

"I sing in the Denver Gay Men's Chorus because of my love of vocal performance and to be part of a community of like-minded individuals."

Chad Reischl

James Knapp, Artistic Director

With 30 years of choral conducting experience with colleges, churches and GALA Choruses, James Knapp is leading the Denver Gay Men's Chorus and OutLoud: The Colorado Springs Men's Chorus to greater levels of artistic and musical excellence. Mr. Knapp, who is the Artistic Director Emeritus of the Bayou City Performing Arts, guided the Houston Gay Men's Chorus, Bayou City Women's Chorus and the Bayou City Chorale for 8 years with tremendous success.

Previously Mr. Knapp was the Artistic Director and Managing Director of the Bayou City Performing Arts for 8 years. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education from Fredonia State University and Masters of Music: Applied Voice from the University of Texas at Austin.